Zarges Skymaster Industrial Combination Ladder 3 x 10 Rungs ZAR41522
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Brand: Zarges
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Zarges Skymaster Industrial Combination Ladders – 3 x 10 Rungs.

One ladder with six functions: the original and still the best combination ladders.

  • Two rigid aluminium side locking bars for maximum stability
  • Pair of guide wheels for easily sliding the ladder up walls
  • The rung hook and locking tab prevent slipping whilst in use
  • Tough nylon restraint straps with sewn-in fixing tab to prevent splaying
  • Robust stile guides encompass the whole stile; with plastic inserts for smooth handling
  • Extremely rigid ladder with strong connection between rungs and stiles
  • Replaceable plastic end caps ensure firm positioning without risk of slipping
  • Stabiliser bar included on bottom section
  • Standard: EN 131 150 kilo rating
  • Spare parts are readily available should you damage your combination ladder
2-Part Ext. Length (m) 4.95
3-Part Ext. Length (m) 6.90
Closed Length (m) 3.00
No. of Rungs 3 x 10
Stabiliser Bar Width (m) 1.00
Weight (kg) 24.3

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